Audiocraft is a trip though Sabastian's interpretation of the 1980s, from the synth rock of Heart Error to the creepy electro of Little Rubber Buttons. A departure from his earlier work, this cd packs a punch of flamboyant catchy synths, heavy electro bass lines and slamming drums. If you want to dance or maybe throw yourself around singing like you're Steve Perry this CD is for you.
Part two of this series shows my love and heart break of 2002. Being the sister to the first EP. Its sound is rather similar, except with a cleaner electronic sound. Created with the sounds of a melo-sonic and yet even more toy keyboards. Sexual references remain the focal point.
Part one of this two part series shows me flex my muscles as a lo-fi, sex god, rock star. Unlike all of my earlier multitracked work, this was mostly sequenced with a pc and a commodore128. Sounds ripped from a talking wrist watch, my house doorbell, a mac lc and many toy keyboards such as the casio vl-tone in "one vanquished leopard."
This album is a tribute to my love of the vagina. I became very interested in circuit bending and the relationship between sex and music played with "body contacts." The result is a chaotic machine-like sound, with a bit of beauty seeping out.
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