Here's a diverse collection of tracks with influences from video games to indie rock to ehh really distorted stuff. "Mirror eyed..." and "i'm gonna football tackle you" feature good melodies and the "pecan medley" is a big mix of tracks that were abandoned for various reasons. Enjoy!
This was made over Christmas break 2000. I was at my parents house on vacation and stayed up late making the tracks with Buzz Tracker, which I had just downloaded. I used the same samples and effects for all of them. The EP is full of crunchy beats and melodic sustained synth sounds. Everything is a bit peaked out. As for the concept, each song represents a color on Simon. The color, hopefully, corresponds to the sound in some way.
Bring it back to '99 with this early 8BP release.I still enjoy some of these cuts. Most are pretty melodic, but a bit more tweaked out than my later stuff. It's mostly made with my now sold MC303 - some are recorded live, others touched up with the computer.
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