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The deliciously delayed debut release from I, Cactus brings you a short collection of sweet tunes filled with heartbreakingly innocent melodies. As you stroll along with the sun at your back, one cute cactus after another bouncing happily behind you, with this carefree blend of chippy harmonies and clicky crunchy beats you'll never look at a cactus the same way again. Featuring such treasures as "Bamboo Cactus" an unforgettable remix of Nullsleep's "Playful Panda" - this little cactus packs a big punch!
Mesu Kasumai, the self-proclaimed king of electrochip wobblefunk, brings you My Fiero, his jaw-dropping debut release on 8bitpeoples. Some of the best electro remixes of classic 80s pop songs on the planet, this album is sure to amaze you ... whether you are amazed at the fresh stylings Mesu Kasumai gives these old tunes or the fact that someone could still be so obsessed with a decade that brought us such wonders as the Rubik's Cube and Max Headroom is another question. So get ready to be blown away by nonstop megahits from the likes of Michael Jackson, Gary Numan, Cyndi Lauper, Billy Idol rewritten in what one could argue must be some bizarre alternate universe. This is one rocking release you will not soon forget ... for better or worse!
Twilight Electric takes you on a series of wild adventures that you will not soon forget! Play the role of the dashing hero as you fly thru the galaxy on neon lazers battling the evil forces in "Hidden Dangers"! Then take command of a giant clanking robot as you lumber thru Tokyo in search of that elusive pack of ginseng "Chewing Gum"! Next enjoy a snowball fight carried out from the rooftops of skyscrapers in "Thin Skin" and finally battle The Count's sadistic number hunting taunts that will keep you doing "The Count Dance" all nite long!
With influences such as classic game soundtracks and Tin Pan Alley evergreens, mixed with the sounds of 20th century atonality and Salvation Army hymns, I have created a collage of musical scenes depicting adolescence in the dawn of the third millennium. The songs are entirely made with the MCK system, which should vouch for a genuine twenty-minute NES experience.
A monstrous gameboy megamix paying tribute to the bad boys of Depeche Mode, spanning over 14 minutes of nonstop chiplove, and using every last pattern of lsdj from 00 thru FE! Equally suited for use when dancing in front of the mirror alone in your bedroom or rocking the crowd to the ground at your next mega dance party! Tracks 1 thru 4 are offered in a single mp3 to ensure a seamless mix. Bonus track 5 takes the sweetest cuts of the megamix and offers them up in a powerpacked mini serving!
It started as a joke but in the end it just seemed too ridiculously appropriate, and here it is. Six very different takes on the classic theme ranging from Mesu Kasumai's detroit electro throwdown, Sabastian Boaz's maniacal casio n' bass frenzy and Twilight Electric's honest and innocent synthpop mix, to Nullsleep's pure nintendo love, Ten and Tracer's hauntingly melancholic surprise and Yuppster's pumping SID attack, it is undoubtedly an essential collection.
A roughly chronological collection ranging from some of my earliest gameboy tunes to the ones written in 2002. While the first half presents an innocent fun approach (aside from the harder edge of Harm Parm), the concluding three tracks show a maturation in both style and technique. A must have for high school makeout parties.
Part two of this series shows my love and heart break of 2002. Being the sister to the first EP. Its sound is rather similar, except with a cleaner electronic sound. Created with the sounds of a melo-sonic and yet even more toy keyboards. Sexual references remain the focal point.
Dark Before Dawn

01 Warm Vic 02 Eight Vic Day 03 Two Vic Day 04 Vic Chance* (CD-only track)

Warm and soft melodies and rhythms. Created summer 2001, shortly after keylemon reports. Gentle analog synths and open atmospheres. Think of dawn on a warm summer morning. All four tracks are mixes of the original 'vic' (unreleased).
Part one of this two part series shows me flex my muscles as a lo-fi, sex god, rock star. Unlike all of my earlier multitracked work, this was mostly sequenced with a pc and a commodore128. Sounds ripped from a talking wrist watch, my house doorbell, a mac lc and many toy keyboards such as the casio vl-tone in "one vanquished leopard."
A true awakening from the previous Slap The Pigeon EP anguish, Boolean Values gives both sides to each story. It begins with a short prelude to set the mood: start. Emotions 2D max.
Here's a diverse collection of tracks with influences from video games to indie rock to ehh really distorted stuff. "Mirror eyed..." and "i'm gonna football tackle you" feature good melodies and the "pecan medley" is a big mix of tracks that were abandoned for various reasons. Enjoy!
This album is a tribute to my love of the vagina. I became very interested in circuit bending and the relationship between sex and music played with "body contacts." The result is a chaotic machine-like sound, with a bit of beauty seeping out.
A hode podge of electronic music including small reverb caked melodic pieces, raw single waveform driven electro and fx layered samples placed onto a palette with a couple of vocal based pieces sure to make you lol.
A mix of stunted drum clippings, and smaller chopped melodies and effects. This album is more cynical in nature than the first two tangible albums, sometimes triggering sad or confused emotions.
Out of anger, sadness, regret and loneliness came Slap the pigeon; a mosaic of the rough times in my own life. You will get a feel for the intense emotions, but also become aware of their subtleties in a way.
This album marked a definite change in approach for me. Hello World is decidedly simpler and more playful than my previous works. Its charm lays within its childish flaws.
This was made over Christmas break 2000. I was at my parents house on vacation and stayed up late making the tracks with Buzz Tracker, which I had just downloaded. I used the same samples and effects for all of them. The EP is full of crunchy beats and melodic sustained synth sounds. Everything is a bit peaked out. As for the concept, each song represents a color on Simon. The color, hopefully, corresponds to the sound in some way.
Mandinka Dink Dink

Track listing and further information about this release are unavailable.
Seeds of Insanity

Track listing and further information about this release are unavailable.
Type Dusty

01 struct7method 02 Real Girls 03 Type Dusty 04 77513 05 77544
A tribute to propellerheads rebirth 2.0 - nasty acid tracks done ten and tracer style. Very bizarre 303 lines over 808s and 909s, not proper by any means. Released as .rbs files.

01 Medium Street 02 Well Done Street
Originally titled "culinary vertece", this one contains solid rhythms and soaring (mostly mono) synths. Perfect for the summertime. This marked an end to the harsher ten and tracer sound.
Ache Tree

01 Ache Tree Version One 02 Ache Tree Version Two 03 Ache Tree Version Three 04 Ache Tree Version Four 05 ache tree version five
Roughly based on the architecture of trees. Drawn out synthesizers and laid back beats. Still a touch of the rougher ten and tracer. Only selected tracks were available in mp3.
Faster Than Clouds

01 Cumulous 02 Cumulous Plus One 03 Cumulous Plus Two 04 Cumulous Plus Three 05 Cumulous Plus Four
More laid back rhythms and analog synthesizers. Sated in manipulated voices. Was going for a "blue skied, few clouds" sort of feel, but failed miserably. Whats left are more laid back rhythms and analog synthesizers, sated in manipulated voices. Only selected tracks were available in mp3. Probably will never be available again.
The Tonight Orca

01 Pilot Pop 02 Under The Clutch 03 Mall Licker 04 Gila 05 Visit Five v2.0 06 Vil Structure 07 The Tonight Orca
I still take quite a bit of pride in this release. Strong melody and rhythm work. A lot of distortion and rough sounds. Darker than most of my work. Does it bother anyone that i speak in fragmented sentences?
Bittersweet feelings are evoked by the unexpected mixture of sampled videogames and bleeps and clicks generated from chopped and processed urban field recordings. In a sense this was my requiem for the arcades, slowly dying out with the advent of "better" home videogame consoles. Nursery music for Street Fighter player's children's children.

A side project planned by Tangible of 8bitpeoples, but scrapped before it got a chance to see the light of day.Track listing and further information about this release are unavailable.

Track listing and further information about this release are unavailable.
Sine vs. Saw

01 Awrek 02 Rowlan 03 Chemicube 04 Twinklin Star 05 Fake Yo Mama 06 Wicked(er) 07 Who Was That Man 08 Flippy 09 Winter Wimp
In a similar style as Musica, Sine vs. Saw is layered with happy-go-lucky rhythms and dollar store breakbeats. Absurd and repetitive at points, amusing nonetheless.

01 RUOK 02 Sad Thing 03 Skware 04 Glory Glory 05 Pimp Transistor 06 Unkle Hymen 07 Bone Daddy 08 Flunkin The Nug 09 Argit Tooya 10 Wizzin On Your Warriors 11 Scheister 12 Jive Turkish 13 Pashon
An early assortment of childish melodies mashed together with low grade breaks. Fun and silly most of the time, with a small focus on insanity. Definitely music to wash your dog to.
Bring it back to '99 with this early 8BP release.I still enjoy some of these cuts. Most are pretty melodic, but a bit more tweaked out than my later stuff. It's mostly made with my now sold MC303 - some are recorded live, others touched up with the computer.
Wooden Polyurethane Papers

01 Silicon Leaves in Autumn 02 Bafter The Attle 03 Bowtie Nodes 04 Cpulthik 05 Red Ptenchik
The first of my releases for 8bitpeoples, Wooden Polyurethane Papers is a funny and sometimes ludicrous (as per the title) mix of understated and, more often, over the top tunes. From the ridiculous hummed bassline of Bafter the Attle to the flock of chirping waveforms in Silicon Leaves, this is certainly the strange beginning to an even stranger story.

Not truly the first release by 8bitpeoples, but given the first catalogue # as it was a compilation featuring tracks by all of the 8bitpeoples. Very limited copies of this cd were distributed as promo material. Track listing and further information about this release are unavailable.
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