You may already know Swedish composer Jens Stääf from his work with the X-Dump, Candymind and others — now he brings his signature fusion of chiptunes, melodic pop and frantic beats to 8bitpeoples for the first time. Viva La Revolution is a killer chiptune odyssey from start to finish, full of unexpected twists and turns, and finishing in some parallel universe where Mozart kicked off the chiptune revolution. The very same revolution that Dorothy's Magic Bag is keeping alive today.
PICOPICODISCO is the debut 8bitpeoples release from the inhumanly talented and totally insane chiptune producing factory known as USK! This is the first full release on 8bitpeoples by a Japanese composer, and it is an unrelenting Game Boy techno trance assault aimed squarely at your heart. If his guerilla actions with the mobile street techno art unit 'Tsuji Techno' have not already convinced you of USK's passion for the form, this hard hitting collection of tunes will. PICOPICODISCO ... TAKE OFF!!!
Alex Mauer's Blast brings a 15-year FM synthesis odyssey to a wonderful conclusion. In his debut 8bitpeoples release he has crafted a true land of fake believe in the form of a soundtrack to a videogame which never existed. Blast is filled with urgent melodies and driving, busy rhythms in the tradition of early 16-bit game soundtracks. The release is reinforced by outtakes of young Alex's earliest conceptions of what he envisioned the game to be, under the supervision of his father — the result is a distinctly unique release 15 years in the making.
David Sugar kicks the doors right in on the 8bitpeoples HQ and storms in all gangbusters to present his first 8bp release Fresh Off The Chip. Spanning his early Logic Bomb 180bpm chip and bass onslaughts, his more recent crossover material, and everything in between, it is a testament to his journey through the world of Game Boy infused chipmusic. And it might just cement Mr. Sugar as the first underground popstar of the 21st century.
Back from amusing himself galaxy-smashing in distant sectors, Bit Shifter returns with a six-pack of high-energy victory anthems, fully charged and ready to detonate on contact. With six hard-hitting tracks of fist-pumping power-up power-pop, Information Chase is the sound of Game Boys set to "Kill" and/or "Party," with no quarter asked and none given.
The man who grabbed the NES by it's neck and stuffed the MIDI protocol right down it's throat returns with Outra, a massive 20+ minute, pulsating, 5-headed beast on the dancefloor. Here x|k offers up a thoroughly impressive follow-up to his 8bitpeoples debut. Knocking the NES out, shoving it in his trunk and driving to a remote location for undisturbed access to all it's registers. Churning out the kind of mind-bending beats you'd only expect to hear pumping out of the speakers on Alpha Centauri 3000 years into the future/past, Outra must be heard to be believed.
The debut release from New York duo, The Depreciation Guild is a blissed-out, swirling, guitar heavy epic backed by the crushing blows of the Nintendo Entertainment System's 2A03 sound chip. Listen and your mind may conjure up images of flying past cloudscapes, stock footage of the ocean from above, and exploding stars. For fans of the 4AD roster and gloom-metal outfits alike.
The town is in trouble and it's up to the cunning skills of Orange Ninja to throw some heavy lethal melodies at the maniacal Dr. Coconut before a slew of minions wreak havoc. From fighting in the alleyways to battling at a night club, Orange Ninja must use all that his sensei has taught him to defeat his enemies in a spectacular showdown of addicting deadly chords and chaotic slicing beats.
After an extended run of hit single releases, 8bitpeoples is proud to bring you RushJet1's first full release. And we're also pleased to announcethat it kicks ass, it kicks ass so hard. Using MCK and MML, RushJet1 has crafted an eclectic collection spanning 8 crazy, upbeat anthems and slow, droning NES rock songs. Space battle frenzy hyper melancholy mode washing over you into overdrive with Konami flavor!
Divag's first 8bitpeoples release is an innocent and refreshing Game Boy romp from start to finish. Listening to his Gameboy Tunes, it quickly becomes clear that this French chiptune rocker is pouring his heart out into his music. Experiencing the excitement you still had for things when you were a child, dreaming of fighting ninjas and big bosses, showing off your superpowers and not having a care in the world ... These are the things that Divag makes us think about with his debut release. The first of what we hope are many still to come.
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