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minusbaby: Monkey Patch 8BP036

My earliest memory of a monkey is the scene in "Kingukongu tai Gojira" where King Kong opens a giant snake's mouth so far beyond it's natural extention point that it eventually looks like a mushroom with a long, wiggly, scaled stem. Sure, King Kong is an ape but to a 4 year old, it was a very big monkey with an attitude problem. It was also pretty bad-ass. So, in return for playfully horrific imagery, I managed to write an album dedicated to all things apish and monkeyed. Don't accept any imitations, this album is more real than Diddy Kong's learned vocabulary.


  1. Eating Needles
  2. ¡WEPAAA!
  3. So Much Bullshine
  4. You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, -baby
  5. Monkey Patch
  6. Doobie Weave
  7. Hazardous Salamander
  8. Orangutangaroo
  9. Chimpunk Chucking Pimps
  10. Ciento Cuatro Cantasos del Mono
  11. We Go For Monkey
  12. A Farewell To Parms