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RushJet1: Sounds of the 2A03 8BP055

After an extended run of hit single releases, 8bitpeoples is proud to bring you RushJet1's first full release. And we're also pleased to announce that it kicks ass, it kicks ass so hard. Using MCK and MML, RushJet1 has crafted an eclectic collection spanning eight crazy, upbeat anthems and slow, droning NES rock songs. Space battle frenzy hyper melancholy mode washing over you into overdrive with Konami flavor!

BONUS: purchasers of Sounds Of The 2A03 in high-quality receive the expanded 2014 edition, rounded out with five bonus tracks.

artwork by minusbaby


  1. Konamized
  2. Overdrive (Easter Egg Mode)
  3. Bob's Theme
  4. Sea of Memories
  5. Society of Nonconformists
  6. The Battle Continues
  7. The Final Conflict
  8. Troubled Dreams
  9. Battle with the Betrayed (The Battle Continues - Cover)
  10. Final Conflict (Original Version - Master System)
  11. Against Overwhelming Odds
  12. Insurrection
  13. Premonition