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Bit Shifter: Information Chase 8BP059

Back from amusing himself galaxy-smashing in distant sectors, Bit Shifter returns with a six-pack of high-energy victory anthems, fully charged and ready to detonate on contact. With six hard-hitting tracks of fist-pumping power-up power-pop, Information Chase is the sound of Game Boys set to "Kill" and/or "Party," with no quarter asked and none given.

BONUS: the high-quality option is expanded to include the bonus track "Time Machine Go" as well as two early prototypes.

artwork by Design-OS


  1. Chase Init_
  2. Activation Theme
  3. Hexadecimal Genome
  4. Particle Charge
  5. Reformat The Planet
  6. The Information Chase
  7. Time Machine Go
  8. Hexadecimal Genome (Early Version)
  9. (Sketch That Later Became) Chase Init_ & Activation Theme