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Vim: Extended Loo Break 8BP066

Vim AKA Keith Baylis has been writing some of the most uniquely imaginative chiptunes since 1991. Now, 15 years later we present you with his debut 8bp release, Extended Loo Break — seven Game Boy tracks written by Vim during a stint at an utterly boring job during 2002 and 2003. With little to do during the workday, tunes were written while hanging out around reception, at the bus stop, or (as the title suggests) while in the toilets. The result is an all-out lo-fi assault that flies in the face of workplace boredom — and scores a stunning victory.

artwork by minusbaby


  1. A B Combo
  2. Hazel, Dave, Aaron, and the Tall One
  3. Made in Reception
  4. Microchips
  5. Purple GBC Fights Boredom AKA JCD
  6. Relentless
  7. Where's My Tea