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Kplecraft: Multi-Boxer 8BP075

KPLECRAFT is an electro-acoustic chiptune duo hailing from Japan. Kuske and Eddie first caught our attention with their KNMS-001 release on Monotonik netlabel in late 2005. In 2006 they released their full length CD Hamlin and cemented their status as some of the most unique and eclectic musicians in the chiptune scene -- combining Nintendo hardware with saxophones, a variety of hand-drums, guitar and toy instruments. So its with great pleasure that we present Multi-Boxer, their debut 8bitpeoples release and a truly brilliant one at that. Enjoy the didgeridoo and famicom too.


  1. Okesuchi
  2. 8-Bit Goa #2
  3. Ydodo
  4. 8-Bit Goa #3 (Didje NES)
  5. Triffid-G