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RushJet1: Out There 8BP076

Ever wondered what it's like in outer space? Ever wondered whether there's life on other planets out there? In RushJet1's second 8bitpeoples release, humans venture into space to find out and begin colonizing other planets. All is not well, though, as war ensues over control of a newly-found abandoned alien planet with advanced technology. What will the fate of the human race be? Recorded straight from the NES, these tunes were specifically written with the hardware in mind. Thanks to SLiVeR and Nullsleep!

BONUS: purchasers of Out There in high-quality receive the expanded 2014 edition, rounded out with six bonus tracks.


  1. Out There
  2. Nebula
  3. The Voyage
  4. Asteroid Run
  5. Forgotten Planet
  6. Fighting for Control
  7. Tension
  8. Rocket Flight
  9. Unknown Sector
  10. Story of the Constellations
  11. Asteroid Run (Alpha)
  12. Story of the Constellations (Alpha)
  13. Out Somewhere (Master System)
  14. The Hidden Answer
  15. Math Party
  16. Alkali Earth (N163)