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Firebrand Boy: Songs for Cake 8BP085

Firebrand Boy is Philip Cunningham. Since 2004, he has mashed up the sounds of a Game Boy, a Nintendo Entertainment System, a Commodore 64 and an Atari 7800 to create intelligent dance-pop with beautifully honed lyrics and vocals laced with vicious lashings of the guitar. Critically acclaimed as an unstoppable live act, Firebrand Boy is currently turning heads on the Scottish gig circuit, and is determined to take his brand of fired-up electronica-with-a-heat across the UK and beyond. Firebrand Boy gets the shakes if he does not eat enough, and his girlfriend thinks he is pretty high up on the autism spectrum. Somehow he's survived long enough for 8bitpeoples to release his long overdue Songs for Cake. Hopefully you'll survive listening to its silly pop charm.

artwork by minusbaby