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gwEm and Counter Reset: Live From Hell 8BP091

This release is testament to the positive social effects of alcohol ... On the one hand Nullsleep plied gwEm with drink to encourage him to agree to do an 8BP release, on the other hand gwEm spiked Nullsleep's drink so that he'd agree to make it a live album. When it came to finding someone to record the show gwEm and Random ended up plying each other with drink until they realized the logical course of action. Sadly, gwEm's long-time creative partners MC Counter Reset and Colin needed no such alcoholic encouragement. Shows in Hell are easy to get, but hard to come back from. The next best thing we could find was the Bethnal Green Workingman's Club in London's east end. This is the pure sound desk recording of a very special gig. The only instruments you hear are one Atari STe, a drum kit, and a Flying V through a seriously cranked Marshall.


  1. Radiation Hazard
  2. The Improbable Man
  3. Tubular Crusade
  4. Different World
  5. NuGabbaDisco
  6. Forever Ardcore
  7. Golden Years Over