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Starscream: Future, and It Doesn't Work 8BP099

In the not so distant future awaits the election of the first third party candidate to the White House- they will hail from the Space Party, a political coalition founded by astrophysicists, former democrats and ex-NASA employees. In their 8bitpeoples debut EP, Future, and It Doesn't Work, Starscream tell a tale of victory, science, and potentially catastrophic foreign policy.

BONUS: purchasers of the high-quality edition receive the EP's expanded version, which includes remixes and reworkings by Covox, Greenleaf, Starpause, Orange Drink, larry, Chris Burke & Tamara Yadao, Natty, and Bit Shifter.

artwork by Asif Siddiky


  1. Rise Of Space
  2. Space Party Anthem
  3. Gravity In Terms Of Space-Time
  4. Kepler's Star Catalog
  5. Future, And It Doesn't Work
  6. Rise Of Space (Campaign Promises)
  7. Rise de l'Espace (Le Remix)
  8. Rise Of Space (Remix)
  9. Space Party Anthem (Orchestral)
  10. Gravity (Airlock Drop)
  11. Kepler's Star Catalog (Airlock Compromised)
  12. Future, And It Doesn't Work (Climatology Outtake)
  13. Future, And It Doesn't Work (Holiday In Dystopia Mix)