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glomag: Roland & The Lamprey 8BP103

Roland had studied the data on the first four cartridges for a very long time, when he realized that the lamprey was hiding a fifth inside it's mouth. Discovered, the lamprey wheezed and sputtered, blowing air through the cartridge in an attempt to make it sound out a tune. Confused and frustrated, it spat the item out into the sand and disappeared into the vast, toxic lake. Roland dried it off, inserted it into the DMG, pressed start and heard the growling waveforms emerge. This sound brought to him the realization that a year had passed in this wasteland and there was now much work to be done.

artwork by minusbaby


  1. The Ecstasy of Gold
  2. Roland & The Lamprey
  3. Bad Therapy
  4. Ice Me Nine
  5. Disco Nostromo
  6. Fan Service