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Sievert: Chips, Dips and Facerips 8BP113

With the galaxy safe once more, our hero Space Captain Sievert returns home. After landing his ship on the small island known as Earth, he shows the people the things he has discovered and peace is restored again. Even if only for a brief time, our hero is happy to take a well needed rest from defending the galaxy. In his third album, Sievert gets back to his punk-ska roots to celebrate all of the things he loves: good times, good friends, beer, dogs, cartoons, pizza, chips, dips, and face-rips.

mastering by Trash80, artwork by iLKke


  1. Ahoy!
  2. Let's Get Facundo'd
  3. 3 Beers Deep
  4. A Test of Island Courage
  5. Party Dog