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V/A: Data Drop: 12 Tracks For Co-Conspirators 8BP105

A companion compilation to the Blip Festival 2009 in New York, exclusive to backers and donors of the event's crowdfunding campaign. Not otherwise available.

Artwork by ui


  1. minusbaby: "Santería, № 2"
  2. Je Deviens DJ en 3 Jours: "Contra Legem"
  3. Chromix: "Heart Container"
  4. Fighter X: "Glo"
  5. Disasterpeace: "Death Satellite Evasion"
  6. The Hunters: "Breathe"
  7. Rainbowdragoneyes: "Dance On Fire"
  8. tRasH cAn maN: "Pop The Balloon, Won't Ya?"
  9. Psilodump: "Matkaradio"
  10. Silent Requiem: "smtmswnitrns"
  11. Bubblyfish: "Monologue"
  12. Bit Shifter: "120 Gigs Of Sodom"

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