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The J. Arthur Keenes Band: Computer Savvy 8BP121

Every member of The J. Arthur Keenes Band have put their heads together to bring you this long-overdue release of seven Game Boy-based pop songs. Smothered in nearly more overdubs than the substandard system it was recorded on could process, Computer Savvy offers a hazy blend of the archaic sounds you know and love with as many other sounds as could fit.

BONUS: the high-quality options also include LSDJ source files for the Computer Savvy and Pamplemousse releases, as well as the bonus track "Lucy (Demo)," an 8bitpeoples exclusive.

artwork by Nick Sevier


  1. The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down
  2. Cluck
  3. Water2 (Wetter)
  4. Spaniard
  5. Expelling Bee
  6. Foe Paw
  7. Low Tide
  8. Lucy (Demo)