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Corset Lore: Graces and Furies 8BP136

Blending the simplicity of the Game Boy sound palette with the programming of a seasoned composer, Corset Lore's second release Graces and Furies elevates the traditionally humble platform with an uncommon sophistication. From the pensive title track to the surging "Empath," the EP challenges expectations with ornate, intricate arrangements that intersperse urgency and tension with dramatic hammer-of-the-gods thunder. Stunning artwork by Raquel Meyers completes the circle on a document that stands in a category of its own.

Mixed by Chris Burke
Mastered by Rockman Navarro

Artwork by Raquel Meyers


  1. Graces and Furies
  2. Odonata
  3. Empath
  4. Waking In The Forest
  5. Dawn Compass