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notendo: Live In Tokyo 8BP138

On an autumn 2011 day on the western edge of Tokyo, an unusual thunder was rumbling beneath the quiet streets of Kōenji. Being pumped through a powerful soundsystem in a subterranean venue were huge slabs of abstract, densely textured synthesis and chattering noise percussion. The origin: the ⅛" headphone jack of a Game Boy in the hands of pioneering errorist notendo. The result: a pummelling, half-hour exercise in rough-edged tones and hypnotizing rhythms, and, consistent with notendo's broader output — making the digital physical with his Glitchaus concept label, and his groundbreaking visual work — it was hard to imagine anything else quite like it. Captured here is a unique sound, recorded at a unique moment. Those in the audience that night can attest to the wall-shaking impact — and now with the release of Live In Tokyo, you can too.

Artwork by Szilvia Bolla.


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