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minusbaby: Saudade for Beginners 8BP089

After a five-year hiatus, minusbaby returns to our discography with the hip-shaking Saudade for Beginners; five tunes written in São Paulo, Brazil and East Harlem, New York City. Whereas Monkey Patch concerned itself with fictitious apes and animal hybrids, Saudade for Beginners aims to express life after the experience of saudade, a term often discussed pedantically by the academe, but best left to music and poetry as in bossa nova and samba – of which minusbaby is a devoted connoisseur. Shake what your mãe gave you.


  1. Comendo Pão e Fazendo Mal
  2. El Camino de Tu Casa a la Mía
  3. São Roque (BellaBoa)
  4. Minha Caipirinha É Ótima (Very, Very)
  5. Ela Chegou