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A.M.U: Diamond 8BP112

I'll start by mentioning that you can count the number of Chinese electro artists worth knowing about on one hand, and with A.M.U, it's definitely your right thumb you should be raising. The album name Diamond fits without a doubt, as this truly is a rare gem. A.M.U has shown surprising maturity for a Chinese kid, so far away from all the western hype, and he is already leading the 8-bit music craze in the Middle Kingdom.

Heavy beats, insane melodies, smart programming and unusual bleeps… A.M.U's ability to provide strong dance floor tracks straight out his Game Boy comes from his experience touring and smashing Beijing and Shanghai's clubs with his unexpected DJ sets. Do not miss the chance to listen to Diamond - this jewel of an EP will surely end as your favourite new 8-carat ear piece!


artwork by iLKke


  1. Diamond
  2. Speech Machine Failure
  3. Out Out
  4. Donald E. Knuth's Wet Dream
  5. Donald E. Knuth's Dub Dream (Bass Mix)