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Rainbowdragoneyes: The Primordial Booze 8BP117

filled with fear i saw him: smoke, flames and ichor swirling, dancing all arovnd him.

he had come for the throne.
his prophesied return was upon us.
his rage for us, forever.

with fire and corpse, brutal song and chaos, with lash and fist and knife and scream did he decidedly destroy. nation after nation falling, smashing and ripping and raging forever and forever. oh, the beat ov his drums! the sound ov his music! the insistent pound pound pounding ov his final war. the pound pound pounding that made us believe. that made us worship. that sick and delightful worship that made us willing, made us strong, made us dance.

there is no memory of any before him.
there is no need.
his coming provoked a brand new age as we one and all became his devoted followers.

to Rainbowdragoneyes do we drink the primordial booze.
to Rainbowdragoneyes do we bow.

– Victor Furious

artwork by Victor Furious


  1. 3.3.11
  2. Creatures Ov Deception
  3. The Primordial Booze
  4. The Replicator
  5. Heavy Weather - The Storm ov The Undead
  6. Fortune's Dividend