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V/A: Reformat: A Tribute To Bit Shifter's Information Chase CD 8BP118

Conceived in conspiratorial secret by Michael Lerman (Datapop, Fuckjazzforaminute) as a birthday present for Josh Davis (Bit Shifter), the Reformat compilation sees nearly two dozen reinterpretations of tracks from the Bit Shifter EP Information Chase, by musicians from around the world, in a dizzying and at times hilarious array of styles and approaches. Released to coincide with the five-year anniversary of Information Chase, Reformat takes the opportunity to approach a handful of familiar tracks from 23 unexpected angles, resulting in a compilation that's as unpredictable as it is fun.


  1. The J. Arthur Keenes Band: "Chase Init_"
  2. Sievert: "Happy Birthday Activation"
  3. exileFaker: "Reformat The Planet (Double Hybrid Rainbow Version)"
  4. Henry Homesweet: "Chase Init_ (Henry Homesweet Remix)"
  5. Coova: "Reformat The Planet"
  6. TouchBoy: "Hexadecimal Genome (Hex-A-Mind Remix)"
  7. Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families: "Hexadecimal Genome"
  8. little-scale: "Chase Init_"
  9. The Squarewave Surfers: "Reformater La Planète"
  10. Saskrotch: "Paper Chase Init_"
  11. Maru303: "Reformat The Electro (Reformat The Planet Remixxxxxxx)"
  12. Tonylight: "Elkapot Part I"
  13. glomag and Corset Lore: "Particle Charge"
  14. Random: "Reformat The Planet (Random Version)"
  15. Albino Ghost Monkey: "Activation Theme"
  16. Bud Melvin: "Reformat The Back Porch"
  17. cTrix: "Hexadecimal Genome"
  18. Natty: "Reformanatee The Planetee"
  19. nordloef: "Activation Theme"
  20. Fuckjazzforaminute: "The Three Minute Information Chase"
  21. Magic Hammer: "THVNDERCHASE"
  22. IAYD: "Reformat The Planet"
  23. The Anomaly Quintet: "The Information Saunter"

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