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Orloc: YOAKE 8BP134

Orloc's YOAKE presents a softly shifting landscape, colored by droplets of a signature bell-tone sound that those familiar with her former guise of Coova will immediately recognize. YOAKE's delicately percussive tones pair gentle urgency with reassuring melody, building contemplative atmospheres that are deceptively complex. Remixes by flady (Bunkai-Kei) and onArAchAckAmAns (Maltine) add two more delightful twists to a story already full of surprises.


  1. Dawn
  2. Nowhere between buildings
  3. Sad boscage
  4. Eventide thief
  5. Falling...
  6. Green
  7. Sad boscage (flady remix)
  8. Dawn (onArAchAckAmAns remix)